Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Georgetown Library

The Friends of the Georgetown Library advocate for the library (e.g., in budgetary hearings), and provide support for needs and activities not covered by the library’s budget, including supplies and refreshments for children’s programs and special events. The Friends have on occasion purchased needed supplies and equipment.

The Friends of the Georgetown Library also contributed $10,000 to the DC Public Library Foundation (a separate organization) for its Recovery and Restoration Fund for Peabody Collection. The Friends raise funds via contributions, from occasional special events, and from sales of donated books.

With the reopening of the library and The Friends becoming part of the Citizens Association of Georgetown, we are expanding our activities. If you would like to work on committees regarding book sales, children’s activities,publicity, advocacy, special events, or membership relations, let us know at We could use your help. (There are also volunteer opportunities in the library itself; those are managed by the library system—see

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